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How To Use Chat Bot?

This is a generic Prompt template:

I need you to act as a {role} for a {theme}, set in {setting}. Can you help with {task}?

In this template:

– `{role}` is the role you want ChatGPT to play, such as “screenwriter”, “novelist”, “movie critic”, “writing tutor”, “commentator”, etc.

– `{theme}` is the subject or genre of your creation, such as “romantic drama”, “science-fiction”, “Interstellar”, “master’s thesis”, “climate change”, etc.

– `{setting}` is the background or setting of your creation, such as “Paris”, “the future”, etc. For contents that don’t require a specific setting, like movie reviews or academic editing, this can be omitted or replaced with a suitable descriptor.

– `{task}` is the specific task you want ChatGPT to accomplish, like “develop a script”, “write a review”, “edit my document”, “create an opinion piece”, etc.