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Achieving multiline input in ChatGPT is crucial for coding and text formatting. Here are detailed methods:

  1. Utilizing a Text Editor:

    • Start by drafting your text or code in a text editor such as Notepad, ensuring it’s structured as desired.
    • Once done, select all the text, copy it, then paste it into ChatGPT’s input field. ChatGPT will now recognize the multiline input.
    • how to enter a new line in chatgpt
  2. Employing a Keyboard Shortcut:

    • As you type in the ChatGPT input field, if you need to enter a new line, simply press Shift + Enter.
    • This action creates a new line within the input field without sending the text, allowing for continuous typing and formatting.
    • how to enter a new line in chatgpt by shift enter

Each method aids in better organization and readability when interacting with ChatGPT, ensuring your text or code is accurately formatted for further processing.

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